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                                                                                                                  Within 15 minutes; our financial consultants can estimate the savings your company could receive using our services.  Wesley Financial Services does not charge upfront fees for our consult or services.  We and our affiliates have discovered over $600 million in savings for small and mid-size companies. We find significant savings for 90% of the companies who contact us. 





We reduce business expenses, find federal tax incentives, and provide financial solutions through our trusted partners. Our business expense analysts work to limit expenses in essential services such as credit card merchant fees or over-payments in worker's compensation insurance. Finding a Business CPA or business financial advisor is key, but Wesley is the addition you need this year to increase profits and take advantage of often overlooked or underutilized tax savings opportunities.  We work with your CPA and advisors to bring you these additional expense and tax savings solutions together.  


business tax specialist

We focus on specific solutions that require specialized expertise.  We discover tax incentives for your business and continue to supply your CPA or business tax firm with the information they need to find thousands in savings together. We and our affiliates have worked with firms like LaZBoy, Toyota, or Popeyes and helped them obtain these tax and business expense reduction opportunities. We and our affiliates have years of experience providing those same services to both large corporations and small to mid-size firms, we help bring your CPA and advisors the resources they need for  the tax incentives that you're qualified for.


business tax savings

We work in all industries from  automotive, real estate, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, hotel, restaurant, to achieve these tax incentives and financial solutions. We know that 90% of businesses can take advantage of at least one of our services, we've streamlined our initial consultation process and can estimate savings in just one 15 minute conversation. We don't waste a minute of your time, we execute solutions seamlessly. With millions found in savings, we also provide business expense analysis for savings in credit card merchant fees, waste and recycling, workers compensation insurance, and parcel shipping costs.  


business tax reduction

We do not make you change your current services and vendors.  Only when savings are found, you are able to sign up with our partner teams for a nominal fee related only to your total savings. You do not pay any fees unless you choose to work with us to capture your found savings. We disclose our small fees before you decide to move forward with us to retrieve the savings. For Cost Segregation, our fixed fee is a small portion of tax benefits – assuring your business savings with no risk of a negative ROI.


Specialized Tax Solutions for Every Industry

specialized tax solutions

Commercial Property Tax Savings

There are many business expense savings opportunities we can find due to our national team of tax specialists, consultants, lawyers, and business expense auditors. We work with your financial team to discover tax reduction opportunities in every aspect of your business. Commercial property owners can find tax savings of $50,000+ using our expert tax consultants. These types of tax incentives are rarely utilized by many tax and financial advisory firms mainly due to lack of on-staff specialized talent; we partner with your financial team and to implement these savings. 

Cost segregation services

Cost segregation studies is one opportunity open to commercial property owners today. This often-overlooked tax strategy, offers the opportunity to reevaluate your property composition therefore reducing the owner's current tax obligation.  This in turn improves their cash flows and relieves the property owner of potential current obligations. Every taxpayer who owns, constructs, renovates, acquires or relocates a real estate arrangement stands to benefit from a cost segregation analysis.  The results of the study, depending on rates , can save clients, $200 for every $1,000 of property in reclassified depreciation categories.   We also provide a look-back analysis to capture potential benefits that may have been missed in previous years.

cost segregation

Hiring Incentives & Tax Credits For Hiring (WOTC)

tax credits

Research & Development Tax Credits

r&d tax credits

We can perform an analysis for the present year, all future tax years and the last 3 years for R&D tax credits. Any credits that are unused carry forward for twenty years.  These credits may lead to a decrease in taxes and also refunds from current, prior and future years. Less than 1/3 of companies that qualify, actually utilize research and development credits.  Our R&D tax experts are able to find any unaccounted research & development expenditures that contribute to maximize the available R&D Credit.

Start up business tax credits


Creating a trade or business or exploring the creation or acquisition of an active trade or business.  Some of these costs might include surveying markets, analyzing products or the labor supply, seeing prospective business locations, and other costs related to creating or investigating a business.   Any costs you incurred before opening your doors and begin to create income are included with the exception. Eligible expenses may include employee training and wages, travel costs to find suppliers and distributors, advertisements, and adviser fees such as accountants and attorneys.  

Reduce Your Taxes With A Free Analysis Today

reduce my taxes

We have saved over $500M for our clients through our innovative tax incentive measures.  We can find you thousands in tax and expense savings; and you then choose to move forward with our plan and a pre-disclosed estimate instantly.  We offer a risk-free analysis of your potential savings.  We've provided these services nationally, so we understand your specific local obligations and can help save you money regardless of your state or local jurisdiction. 

Business Expense Reduction

Free Savings Analysis

free savings analysis

Get a free savings estimate and analysis by booking a 15 minute appointment.  If no business expense savings are found, there is no fee. Seamless integration, our business auditors will not shift your vendors or service providers; allowing you to maintain the workflow you built and maintained in your operations. Our 15 minute call provides an 11-point series of information in savings for key expense areas; some which are specific for your industry.

Credit Card MerchanT Audit

credit card merchant audit

Processing fees could be significant if you're in a business which accepts credit cards for payment. Your credit card processing invoice are often long, convoluted and difficult to assess their accuracy. Your bank relationship could be damaged by switching providers; worse, it could disrupt the work flow to your company. Costs can be lowered by having a merchant audit without changing equipment. We will provide an itemized overview of those charges you receive each month and provide you with ongoing support throughout your Credit Card Merchant relationship.

Parcel Shipping Audit

parcel shipping audit

Through freight and shipping invoice audits, our experts will stabilize the areas of speed negotiation and considerably reduce your expenses by utilizing a mixture of service and proprietary software that is best in class.  You will find over-charges, errors and or late delivered packages on most shipping bills, 52 weeks each year. There is a substantial amount of money to be found, and package audits are where you can find these dollars back. Regrettably, most businesses do not have the employees, time or skill to audit these merchant shipping Invoices.

waste audit

Approximately 90% of companies are currently overspending in their waste disposal and recycling costs.  If you are spending more than $500 per month on your waste disposal and recycling expenses you might be overspending. We will run a comprehensive audit of your existing operations to identify where you may be overspending on your waste disposal and recycling program. We use a multistep proprietary process to build a customized program to boost efficiency and reduce costs. We save our customers on average of 20% on their waste disposal and recycling expenses. 

workers compensation audit

We can recover up to 10-20% of workers compensation premiums. We can review 15 years of data to find overpayments for premiums. Workers compensation insurance is compulsory in many states. If your business employs workers and you are not a qualified self-insured, you are likely obligated legally to purchase a workers reimbursement policy. While workers compensation policy is a necessary expense, there are steps you can take to lower your premium . For your own efforts to be prosperous, you must understand how your premium is calculated.                                           

Retirement Plan

Wesley offers retirement plan options with business cash-flow retirement through our tax planners. We walk you throught the planning process and ensure you are able to retire while still profiting from your business. If you're ready to sell or want to continue your business with more time to relax; this is a great option to consider. We use an added 175 years of retirement planning experience through our analysts and CPAs to make sure your retirement plan is set in stone. This includes wealth transfer, estate planning, business exit planning, and buy-sell preparation.

Business Valuation

       We work with one of the leading firms in the US providing business valuation services. By combining expertise, experience and the technical skill, each business valuation client receives close personal and professional attention. High standards, service and specialized staff illuminate the difference between our outstanding performance, and other firms. Our firm focuses on providing a complete valuation solution for your privately owned business, regardless of the industry. Our affiliates have prepared valuations in all 50 US states and has testified for litigation  purposes in 10 states. The team brings the breadth & depth necessary to withstand the pressures of testifying and we excel in court room appearances. Completion of hundreds of valuations for marital dissolution, estate planning, and external and internal transfers of interest, are most common. The reports provide the depth needed when it comes time to get a baseline value for exit, an IRS compliant gift valuation, or a strategic exit to
a third party.


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